Bitrix ID

You will log on to Bitrix24 via Bitrix24.Network using Bitrix ID, your universal account for Bitrix24 and Bitrix24.Network.

Merging the Accounts

Bitrix ID joins all your profiles created using the same e-mail address you have previously been using to access your Bitrix24 accounts. Now, when logging on using Bitrix24.Network for the first time, all the Bitrix24 accounts registered using your e-mail will be associated with your Bitrix ID.

Notice that you will then have to use this login and password to log on to Bitrix24 in a web browser or when using the desktop or mobile application. An alternative way to authenticate is by using social services: add them to your account and log in as a social service user.

Accessing Your Bitrix24's

Once your accounts have been merged, Bitrix24.Network will show you all your Bitrix24's so you could switch between them without having to log out and log in again.

Two Ways to Authenticate
  • First method: use your password and e-mail you specified in your Bitrix ID.
  • Alternative method: use one of the social services adde to your Bitrix ID.

Once authenticated, you are logged on to all your Bitrix24 and Bitrix24.Network accounts.

Use One E-mail and Password for All Accounts

The e-mail address and the password you specified in your Bitrix ID have effect on all of your Bitrix24's and Bitrix24.Network accounts. To access and edit your Bitrix ID, open your profile on any Bitrix24.

Access Bitrix ID from your Bitrix24 profile.

Logging on Using Social Services 

Add your third-party social service accounts to your Bitrix24 profile. To authenticate using your social service account, just click the appropriate icon.

All Your Account at Hand

Browse across your Bitrix24's or create a new Bitrix24 account in no time.

Now you have only one account to access all of your Bitrix24 and Bitrix24.Network profiles.

Password Forgotten?

Cannot access your Bitrix24 using your e-mail or even via other social services? Use the password recovery page.

  • Click «Forgot your password?»
  • Enter your e-mail.
  • Click «Send»

Your registration data and a password update checkword will be sent to your e-mail address.

Change you password. This will also update your password on all your Bitrix24's, and for your Bitrix24.Network account.